Wow 25 years of Photoshop, the expression ‘How time fly’s when you are having fun’ could also refer to Photoshop so many times I have been working on an image when I hear the weary tones of my wife. ‘Its 4 in the morning are you ever coming to bed?’

I first found out about Photoshop when it came over to the UK, I was shooting covers for Mac User magazine my instructions were:

1 – Place floppy disk into computer.

2 – Press return (or some combination of keys, its so long ago)

3 – When image opens on screen you have 30 seconds to take the shot, repeat if necessary.

This was written on a sheet of A4 attached to the Macintosh computer they sent for the shoot. It was about 2 weeks before I got a look at this new software Photoshop that was going to revolutionize the printing and artwork world. I got my own copy shortly after and have been using it ever since.

A colleague Tony Nandi told me about an association that was publishing info and tutorials on Photoshop over in the US (NAPP) National Association for Photoshop Professionals. I joined and in 1999 went to the first Photoshop World Conference in Orlando Florida at the same conference I bumped into Tony Nandi and we both met Scott Kelby.

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